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Lehigh University Online – How to Earn Your Degree

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Recently, an online college degree is becoming more and more popular among people who are busy working and supporting their families. An online college degree is what you can reach on the internet. At the same time, there are many professional and dedicated instructors who will teach you the curriculum of the course you have. Lehigh University is one of the greatest online universities in the United States, which allows their students to earn a degree without going to the campus. Moreover, if you want to obtain your degree from Lehigh University Online, you have to pass many exams, submit your assignments as well as projects online.

Online Programs of Lehigh University

Lehigh University delivers their online courses by streaming media. Currently, only graduate level programs are available to their students through the internet. Engineering courses form the majority of degree programs. If you want to earn a graduate online degree, you can choose any course from the following list.

• Master of Science Degree in Chemical

• Master of Science Degree in System

• Master of Science Degree in Mechanical and Quality Engineering

• MS Chemistry

• MS Molecular Biology

• MS in Polymer Science

• MS in Engineering

• Business Administration

Apart from various master degrees, students can also reach six specialized certificate programs which mostly pertain to Engineering and Chemistry.

• Analytical Principles of Pharmaceutical Science Certificate

• BioOrganic principals of Pharmaceutical Science Certificate

• Project Management Certificate

• Regulatory Affairs Certificate

• Supply Chain Management Certificate

• Manufacturing Systems Engineering Certificate

Besides, Lehigh University also provides professional continuing education courses.

As for the tuition and financial aid of the Lehigh University Online, students can contact the school’s administrative management office or visit their official website for elaborate info. Generally speaking, tuition fee for credit courses is about $645 per credit hour that excludes $100 access fee per online course. If your major is relative to the business, the expenses may be relatively higher, say $840 credit per hour. Admittedly, the online schooling fee of Lehigh University is quite high, which may disappoint a lot of families in a tight budget. Financial aids which include loans and work-study employment are available to all the qualifying students. In addition, some other financial options and scholarships can also be reached by online students.

How to Apply for an Online Course from Lehigh University

Having known the info about Lehigh University’s online education, are you considering applying for a degree or certificate course from Lehigh University? If your answer is yes, you need to know the application procedure.

• First and foremost, you need to register on the Lehigh University’s official website.

• Log in to get into their online courses page

• Select a degree level or certificate type you want to apply.

• Select your subject.

• Fill out an application form and submit.

• Read the online students’ instruction.

• Pay your tuition accordingly.

Attention Please: If you have finished your online course application and paid your tuition, but the web page does not show because of the busy network, you need to contact the administrator immediately to secure your application and payment.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Lehigh University. For accurate and professional information, go to Lehigh University official site.

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