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Online Associate Degree Program of UW-Madison

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Also known as the University of Wisconsin (UW), the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the public research university and also the flagship campus of the University of Wisconsin System.

For learners who are interested in obtaining an associate online program from the University of Wisconsin, a study on UW Colleges Online is a necessity.

Fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, UW Colleges Online boasts of high academic standards and quality reputation which can back up its online courses. Once you take UWC (University of Wisconsin Colleges) courses, you can earn an associate of Arts and Science degree (AAS). AAS fulfills the university or college wide education requirements for most bachelor degree programs. Most importantly, AAS degree fulfills the requirements of most bachelor’s degree programs and is accepted by other institutions including those within and beyond the UW system.

Only offering undergraduate courses, online courses usually run both a traditional semester and summer term. You can commence your college education either in a convenient or flexible way. Before embarking on UW Colleges Online courses, you are advised to learn its advantages as below.

1. The college professors are expertise in their subject areas and the curriculum developed and taught by the same professors in UW Colleges face-to-face classes.

2. Student-centered learning helps you to learn from others in your class. In this case, you can explain your opinions and share you thinking with classmates. Moreover, you can communicate with your professors and classmates if you have any questions.

3. Various courses are available 24/7. You can choose any time or place to pursue your coursework which fits into your schedule.

4. Based on the fact that UW college online partners with other UW system programs which can ease the transfer of course credits, you can complete the degrees from other colleges or universities with the assist of UW college online courses.

After learning these advantages, are you curious to know its online courses? Well, there are some facts you should know before applying for UW college online courses.


If you are seeking a UWC AAS degree, according to the suggestion from UW College Online, you can complete the UW system electronic application to expedite the process. Remember that UW Colleges Online is the only online campus with AAS degree among other 13 UW colleges’ campuses. Here are the requirements.

a) To complete your application, you are required to prepare a non refundable $44 application fee. The application fee can be paid by your credit card or by check or money order to the Office of Distance Education.

b) You should submit official ACT scores with your application if you are under the age of 21.

c) You also should prepare official high school or GED record and all college transcripts which should be sent from awarding institution or school.

d) To make sure there is enough time for application process, you are required to submit application form prior to the end of registration date.

e) The Transfer Information System program allows you to learn how your credits transfer from UW system campuses/Wisconsin Technical Colleges.

f) Once UW College Online receives your application, you will receive notification email on your admission status from your academic advisor.

g) You may be required to take online placement tests in math and English once you are admitted. The tests will depend upon your past experiences on these two disciplines.

Degree Requirements

There is a list that fulfills the AAS degree requirements, here is the specification.

a) AAS degree requires you to complete 60 credits in minimum.

b) You must fulfill the UW Colleges General Education Requirements.

c) You should obtain 24 of the 60, or earn 12 of the 24 credits within the UW College at least.

d) Your cumulative GPA should be at 2.0 at the UW College and the GPA credits are all applied to the AAS degree.

e) Once your degree requirements are completed, or you have earned 60 degree credits, you must be enrolled at a UW Colleges Online campus in this semester.

Tuition Fees

Compared to other online colleges, the tuition fee of UW College Online campus seems relatively low, which costs $238.00 per credit in the coming fall of 2012 academic year. Besides, you should pay $20 per credit administrative fee. What is worth mentioning is that, unlike normal online colleges, the tuition fee of UW College Online does not vary by students’ residence, that is to say, whether your are native American or foreign students, the tuitions costs are the same.

UW College Online does not guarantee that your seat in the course is secure until you have paid your online tuition or you are a UW Colleges Online degree-seeking student. In case you register for both Summer and Fall courses, your tuition fees will be credited for the summer term and the balance is paid in full.

Online Payment

From now on, all credit card payments will be added service fees at 2.5% of the payment amount, in other words, you should pay $15 transaction service fee. For sure, if you make the payment via web check, there are still no additional fees added. Once your online tuition is fully paid or your financial aid has been approved, then your seat in the course is secure. Here are useful steps for you to make your payment online and what you need is to follow the on screen instructions.

1. Firstly, log on to PRISM

2. Select “self service”, then click “Student Center” and choose “Make a Payment”.

Advice: If you pay with your credit card such as MasterCard and Discover, the additional charges will be waived. Plus, UW Colleges does not accept Visa. Prior to PRISM registration, you are encouraged to coordinate class scheduling with their home campus academic advisor.

Financial aid

As an eligible degree-seeking student, if you are applying for UW Colleges AAS degree and want the financial support, you are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

In the application process, you can click on “Tuition & Financial Aid” for the details on your financial aid information. Once the application is processed and awarded, you can view the result in PRISM. You can view or print your account summary in PRISM Student Help Tutorial at For more questions on your financial account, you can email

Student Service

UWC Online is pleased to offer degree-seeking or enrolled students various services. Here is the specification.

1. In UWC, you can have free tutoring service related to subject areas, such as business, science, mathematics and writing.

2. You can also get free counseling service and online resources in case you have enrolled as UWC Online student via its partner ComPsych. The free and confidential ComPsych counselors can solve your school or work-related issues such as stress, family concerns, loss and so on. You can call 800-327-2151 or click on “Counseling Service” under “Student Resources”.

3. To ensure that you need appropriate accommodations, Student Accessibility Service from UWC Online can offer you help. For any questions, just send email to:

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to University of Wisconsin-Madison. For accurate and professional information, go to University of Wisconsin-Madison official site.

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